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Building in Natural Materials- HandyGuy Builds!


I have a keen interest in low impact (on the environment) building methods. Everything from timber framing and reclaimed brick work, to strawbale construction and lime and earthern renders. These are becoming more 'mainstream' with every day that passes, even the Daily Mail has taken note!


Most recently I have worked on a strawbale extension to a house in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire- take a look at my Twitter feed! 


Shown right is a fantastic project I worked on in 2015, Richard Robert's workshop build in Norfolk. I am featured in several entries on his excellent blog about this build, which goes into great detail on the construction process and shows how accessible it is to even a novice builder. 


My main areas of interest are:


- Strawbale construction

- Rammed earth construction

- Timber framing & traditional joinery methods

- Lime mortar

- Lime and clay renders/plasters

- Limecrete foundations and slabs

- Traditional roofing methods (straw, slate, wooden shakes) 

- Car tyre foundations / alternatives to concrete


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Natural Building apprentice


To learn from the best, I am undertaking an apprenticeship at the School of Natural Building which is headed up by the renouned strawbale builder Barbara Jones. Any builds I do are delivered in collaboration with Barbara and her company Strawworks to ensure a high quality finish. 


If you have any projects you want to discuss please get in touch!  


A selection of images from other natural builds